Monday, January 16, 2012

Homeschooling: Why and How

I met a lady via email who was introduced to me by one of our moms in the Philippines. Her name is Gail Nagasako and she has just had a book published called "Homeschooling: Why and How". The first part of the book is about all the many reasons people homeschool, with sections on traditional schooling, socialization and academics.  That chapter ends with pieces from other homeschooling parents and youngsters and 64 reasons we homeschool. The second chapter gives you the basics of how to homeschool in range of ways and describes unschooling in detail. It ends with a questionnaire for parents and kids to help you learn more about your children and yourself and set up a learning strategy.  An appendix gives an exhaustive array of resources for all sorts of needs from unschooling to formal curricula to special needs.  Gail tells her easy-to-read story in a way that offers sound advice to parents and assurance that their unschooled children will turn out just fine. 

Gail's son is now 28, a professional athlete ( and an event videographer by trade ( 

On a personal note, it was fun for me to get to know Gail and read her book as it parallels my philosophy and journey so closely that it's scary! Both of us married Japanese men and have bi-cultural kids. Her son is 28 and my oldest (of 3) daughter is 27. Both moms started support groups mostly for the kids' benefit, we wrote articles and set up calendars of events. We both counsel others and have spoken at events. We even both paddleboard! We may have a chance to meet in person soon. 

Please check out her website and order the book. It will be a friendly, reassuring companion for you whether your child is a youngster or a teen, whether you are just starting out or have been at it for a while. 

Gail's email is:

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