Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Argentina to Texas and Beyond!

Laura moved from Argentina to Houston, Texas as a young girl. After years of unhappy school experiences, she searched for an escape and came across unschooling. Now, a happy 2011 graduate, she writes in her last monthly report:

"These past four years have been the highlight of my teenage years.  I’ll never forget this experience. These four years were the reward for those days I thought would never end. This saved my life. I’d never felt more confident, determined or focused before. The last time I felt like this was right after I left school. I wanted to prove everyone wrong. After beginning this four-year adventure, I realized it wasn’t about them; it wasn’t about proving anything. This was about me and finding out who I am. Thanking you for making this possible will never truly show how thankful I really am for changing my life. Finding your school was the most essential part of the beginning of my new life. I sincerely believe that this was meant to be. From the problems at school, to that afternoon when I was skipping class in that library and grabbed that book where I found out about unschooling… it was all meant to happen. At one point I believed I was the one who had to change, that the way I’d been raised wasn’t correct. I had the most wonderful four years, going from a person who was at her lowest, at times even wishing not to live, to someone who can’t wait to start school and be successful in life.

"Everyone sees the change; the sparkle is back. The educational biography has to be the most important assignment I’ve ever had. I read part of it when I was at work earlier today and I had to stop because I got teary-eyed. Your academy changed my life. Thank you so much, I’ll never forget that your school was the only one that gave me a chance when no one else would."

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wisdom from Canadian Graduate's Mother

Here is what a wise mom says about her daughter's graduation in 2011:

"My daughter may have completed the 12th grade but that knowledge is not the same as the knowledge she will encounter in the outside world. I remember oftentimes telling her about what my husband’s professor told his entire classroom upon graduating from the 5th year of university. He asked the whole class what the diploma means. Before anyone could give their opinion he proclaimed: “This piece of paper gives you the right to forget absolutely everything you’ve learned here.” In some ways he was right. I remember that once I started work after graduating from college, the academic knowledge that I received wasn’t the same as what was expected of me on the job. I’m not saying that the academics were not necessary in order to perform the tasks, but the manner in which they were executed were not at all the same as what was taught. I changed four companies during my employment and all of them had a different method according to what worked best for that company, and part of my job was to be able to adapt to that. In the end, theoretical knowledge is mainly there in order for the individual to figure out what it is they are interested in and which career path they want to pursue in life. The real test of knowledge comes once that person steps out into the world and is faced with the choices , responsibilities, and tasks that come with life."

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Young Actress Succeeds with WRA

The mom of a young actress in Hollywood writes about her daughter's experience homeschooling while acting:

Katy is doing amazingly well with homeschooling!  It has genuinely been the best thing we have ever done and I so wish we would have started it years ago!  We purchased the Monarch on-line school system and she is in the 9th grade unit for all subjects except for math in which she is in 11th grade.  They have a way to test them to see which program would be best and that is where she fell and I am happy to report that she is getting all A's and 1 B.

I can't express how much we appreciate the flexibility of working with West River Academy and it is just perfect for her learning style.  She can do school when it is best for her and if she takes a few weeks off she can easily catch up at her own pace.  So far she is ahead on every subject except for French and should be done by April but we let her work at her own pace.  I'll send you a copy of her transcripts when she finishes.  I talk with several other parents out here about school and the other programs seem very restrictive and more focused on scheduled teacher meetings rather than the kids themselves and what is in their best interest so I highly recommend you guys to everyone!  There is a new mom moving to California and I think she will register with West River Academy this summer!