Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New homeschooling mom gets it and son thrives

Here's an email from a new homeschooling mom. It shows what happens when we let the kids lead:
"Evan had asked me what a photon was. I mentioned to him that I knew it was part of physics but I wasn't sure exactly what type of particle it was, so we should look it up together. He mentioned that he heard about it from a cartoon. We got into a long search and discussion which turned into a lesson that lasted a few days about quantums, quarks and the formula for the speed of light (which to this DAY he still has was almost 2 weeks ago) . After all was said and done, he joked, "That'll teach me to ask YOU a question!" we both got a big kick out of it and he really took notes, which was something he doesn't relish. We both learned a lot. :)"


  1. As a modern teacher, we have learned that the classroom is the students and not ours when it comes to learning... Whether home schooled or classroom schooled, it is the child's education and not ours. Good job Evan!

  2. Peggy, this just confirms, for me at least, that you have a wonderful ministry in home schooling -- letting the kids lead the way. Yes, and they will even best the adults around them if we only give them the opportunity. Bravo to you and your school!

  3. Evan is my son and I appreciate you posting this, Peggy, so that everyone can see that children chould not be stifled, they should, in fact, participate in their education. Evan was never a child who could be structured in a school setting. I spent from kindergarten through the beginning of eighth grade trying to get him to conform to the codes and the ridiculous rules of traditional schools. I am very thankful for West River and to a very good friend of mine for pointing me to WRA and Peggy. His dad is a school teacher and so is his aunt. He has a core of people around him who support him in his endeavors. Once a month, Evan and I go out to breakfast and WE BOTH plan his curriculum for the month. Evan is progressing and excelling because it is about Evan and his education this time around. It isn't about mandated testing that the state requires for their placement in the overall status of the state (and not the student). It isn't about times tests or stressful surrounding. Thank you Peggy and WRA, Evan and I are quite pleased.