Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chilean Senior Enjoys Monthly Writing

Students who wish to graduate from West River Academy must write an educational biography, describing their educational life, followed by 6 monthly reports detailing what was learned during the month. This occurs during the last 6 months of their senior year. Students may resign themselves to this task, not knowing what to expect, or not looking forward to the work. Often, however, the students tell me what a valuable experience it has been to write about their lives and learning. It prompts them to think more about themselves, their relationships with others and what they want for their future. This student from Chile expresses such sentiment. I'm publishing it in its original Spanish. He says it's been fun for him to write about the activities he enjoys, what he thinks about issues, and his day-to-day life, knowing that someone far away will take a few minutes to read what a Chilean adolescent has been doing and learning.

In his words:
"Como último me gustaría decir que ha sido entretenido escribir todos los meses sobre las actividades que me gustan hacer, lo que pienso de algunas cosas y lo que es mi día a día, se siente agradable escribir todo eso y saber que alguien que está muy lejos de acá  va a tomarse unos minutos para leer las cosas que ha hecho y ha aprendido un adolecente chileno. Gracias."

~ Diego, Isla Negra, Chile

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