Friday, July 17, 2015

"Bee" the Change... through Worldschooling!

Homeschooling provides freedom to explore the world. For some families that is the world immediately surrounding them, and others take the opportunity to go farther from home and make traveling their lifestyle. We have some families here at West River Academy that are “worldschooling” and have taken their education on the road! Let’s hear from one family directly about what they are doing and how it works with their homeschooling. 

Meet the “Caring Bees” family: Fritz, Terra, Ky and Kai! They were living a comfortable, normal suburban American lifestyle, but dreamed of roaming the world. Sound familiar? Well, this family took the radical step of selling their belongings and taking off for New Zealand! They created a website focused around their family’s passion for health and bees. Here’s what they say about what is inspiring their focus:

“Caring Bees was created because our family is passionate about our health and discovered Manuka honey, specifically, to have amazing versatile natural caring/healing properties, above most other foods and herbs!  Also, we have great concerns about the future of our lovely bees and would like to look deeper into this issue, find out what we can do to help and share with the world!” -

I wondered what the children’s reaction is to this big change in their lives. Terra said “Well, actually, we keep praising our kids on how well they are doing with all of the changes and uncertainty a day may bring, while traveling. We are learning so much each day, there is not enough time for anyone to complain or irritate each other, like they did at home. Such a win/win!”

What does homeschooling on the road look like for them? “Every evening, the kids will journal their day's adventure. Once it is done, they will go further with either research on any questions they need answered, draw what they liked about the adventure or create a project from it. We also use an iPad app called "Homeschool Helper" to keep a detailed log of learning hours and studies. This has been an invaluable tool for us in keeping on track with all different areas of study.” 

Curious to see where this adventure takes them? You can follow this family in their adventures following bees and learning from their travels on their homepage, and their social media outlets: Facebook Twitter Instagram and Pinterest!

P.S. - Next week, we’ll feature a European family that has been traveling for 7 years. 

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