Tuesday, September 6, 2011

US Marines Require Extra Testing for Homeschoolers

Here's what one future US Marine had to deal with as a homeschooler. Is this really happening in 2011? Here's what his mother, Kathy, writes:

Hi Peggy!

We received the diploma and the transcript, and the Marines got their transcript, too.  Thanks for sending those out!  Jacob took his diploma in hand the day after it came and gave it to the recruiter to get the ball rolling in joining the Marines. Just yesterday, he passed the ASVAB test with high marks, allowing him to have his pick of jobs within the Marine Corps. They actually require homeschoolers to score 20 points higher than other students to be accepted!  Doesn't seem right, but he beat that score, too!  Tomorrow he must take another test exclusive to homeschoolers, to see if he is "socially awkward" or not.  Wow. Really?  Feels like discrimination to me.  Jacob just laughs it off and is practicing his awkwardness for fun! But really, he'll behave and our homeschooling friends are dying to get the details of what the military deems awkward.

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