Thursday, June 3, 2010

Financial Challenges Inspire Child-Led Learning

A year-end portfolio from Sonja in Colorado describes the learning of 10-year-old son Sasha when an expensive curriculum had to be given up and their resourcefulness and creativity engaged. Here's Sonja's opening paragraph:

 "This school year has been one of the most challenging homeschool years ever. My husband became victim of the economic downfall and lost his job in August of 2009. He is still unemployed as I write this portfolio. Due to the sudden loss of income, our school year needed to be changed accordingly. There was no money for the boxed curriculum like Oak Meadow or My Father's World. (Both programs were a hit at hour house in previous years.) Instead (if we wanted to continue homeschooling) we opted for a more relaxed type of homeschooling, one that was truly student-led, utilizing our homeschool library and public library system as much as possible. The result: a wonderful, innovative school year that proved to be educational, engaging, challenging and most of all FUN! Learning was not restricted to school books and schedules anymore, but was led by a child's natural desire to learn about his world, environment, history, science and geography."

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