Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jay Graduates with a Dream to Write a Best Seller

Jay, a 17-year-old graduate from Oakley, CA just submitted his last report. Like most seniors, he is excited about what this means for him.

"I can't believe this is my final report before I graduate. This year has gone by super fast! Actually, I think my whole school experience has gone by quickly. I have really enjoyed being homeschooled. It has allowed me to investigate my interests and strengthen my weaker areas. I have met a lot of neat people along the way. My parents always gave me the option of attending public school, but that wasn't something I ever wanted. I have enjoyed being at home and learning at my own pace and receiving a customized education. I think my family is a lot closer because of it. I wish more kids had the opportunity to be homeschooled. I think they would really benefit from it. I suppose it is not for everyone, but it was definitely the right choice for me."

Jay's final paragraph in his last report:
"Over the years, I have often wondered if I would be ready to enter the “real world.” At this moment, I still do not know the answer. I think I am. I hope I am. If only I could see into the future and steal a glimpse. Wouldn't that be helpful? All of this reminds of a quote I heard years ago on a T.V. Show I used to watch called, Boy Meets World. “Life's tough, get a helmet!” Now, if I only remembered where I put my hard hat!"

Going back over Jay's educational biography, I found some highlights to share with you:

"I don't believe that education begins when we enter kindergarten. I believe it really begins when we are much younger. Many of the things we learn at that time are not taught in textbooks. We learn to feed ourselves, dress ourselves, tie our shoes, recognize colors, write our name, maybe even begin to read. Some people may not see these as true learning  experiences, but without these skills, we would not be able to take the proper steps to adulthood. These are some of the things that start us off on the road to learning. My "schooling" started when I was small. My mom said she knew the moment I was born that she would homeschool me and I am glad she did.

..."Since my mom made the decision to leave our district's home study program to join West River Academy, Ithink I have grown a lot, not just with academics, but as a person as well. Her decision came at a time when my grandad suddenly became ill and passed away. That was a tremendously difficult time for my family, especially my mom. Being with W.R.A. allowed us to take all the time we needed to be there for my grandad when he needed us and to be there for each other after. I learned how to be more sensitive and compassionate towards others' feelings during that time. I believe that is an important life skill."

Speaking about his love of insects, animals, Legos and writing, he mentions some career paths such as working at a zoo or aquarium, or for Legos Corp., with this ultimate dream in mind:

"It's hard to believe that my high school experience is coming to an end. It doesn't seem possible. I'm a little scared because I don't know what the future holds, none of us do. I know that as this chapter in my story comes to an end, another one is about to begin. Our book grows with each year and each new experience. I'm not really sure what I want to do with my life. I do know that I would love to see one of my books published someday. That is probably my biggest dream. I plan on working really hard to make that happen. I think it would be awesome to be on the best seller's list or have one of my stories turned into a movie! I know I will have to focus and be very organized to realize that dream. I have been working hard on my writing skills and will continue to do so. There is always room for improvement.

..."Whatever I do, I want to make a difference in the world. My mom always taught me that one person can make a difference and that I should strive to leave this world a better place than when I arrived. I don't believe that learning ends after you graduate. Learning is a lifelong process and provides us with endless opportunities to grow as individuals."

Right on, Jay! I can't wait to read your first best-seller!

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